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Why Does Sinkholes Happens


Kuwano laboratory started in April 2006. Research area covers basic/academic study, such as characterisation of mechanical properties of various types of geomaterials, as well as practical study,including long-term bahaviour of earth and buried structures. These days, we researches sinkholes in Japan.

Instructor / Laboratory
Reiko KUWANO / Kuwano Laboratory

Ground and soil behaviour is investigated through advanced laboratory experiments and discrete element method (DEM) simulations.

We will open basement laboratory to the public in this open campus.
And we will feature exhibits designed to spark an interest in soil and soil's behavior.

In more details, please browse our lab homepage.

Experimental Room "Ee-B01"
Liquefaction Experience Bottle "Ekky"
Colorful Sand Art that Imitated Soil Layer
The Lab Introduction Video for the Open Campus