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Design of Evaluation Index for Transit-Oriented Development

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Urban densification caused by population concentration has exacerbated environmental issues and regional disparities, triggering various urban problems. As urban problems worsen worldwide, urban models such as compact cities are being reconsidered, and sustainable urban development models that actively utilize public transportation services are gaining attention.

One development method that places public transportation services at the core of transportation is Transit-Oriented Development (TOD). TOD is an urban planning method that promotes efficient and balanced land use by locating moderate-density housing, complementary public facilities, and retail and service industries in the vicinity of public transportation facilities such as railway stations. The purpose of our research is to enhance social awareness of TOD by studying TOD cases in cities and constructing an evaluation index system that contributes to TOD in Asian cities.

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Hu Ang
Asian Urban TOD Research

Department of Human and Social Systems/Asian Urban TOD Research